About Us

Our History

Helping People Since 2005

Here at DUST 2 DAWN, we have years of experience helping people achieve their goals of financial freedom. We put you first in everything we do, dreaming and building to make your individual experience great.

Our Values

We put people first. Everything we do, and dream, and build, is designed to make your experience a happy one.

We Love What We Do

We take pride in the effort we have put into building a truly efficient, customer-friendly organization.

Your Goals are Our Goals

In a business where every detail matters, our intelligent, methodical approach is designed to put you on the road to genuine, lasting credit health.

Technology for People

Your Dust 2 Dawn Academy will make your membership a happy and satisfying experience.

Our Difference

Knowledge of the Laws

DUST 2 DAWN has helped many improve their credit reports and raise credit scores, by executing expert credit repair services. Our knowledge of the laws gives us leverage with every legal standard to restore your credit and give you the power to sail into your future.