How it Works

How Does Credit Repair Work?

Credit repair is a multistep process that focuses on auditing your credit report and finding and disputing errors. Here are the basic steps we take to repair your credit:


Credit Report Analysis

We obtain your credit report and create a plan targeting the questionable negative items affecting your credit score.


Credit Disputing

Our team will send the appropriate correspondence to dispute and challenge the inaccurate negative items on your behalf.


Dispute Escalating

For negative items requiring additional correspondence, we keep the process going and ensure your credit rights are fairly represented.


Credit Score Analysis and Mentoring

We offer 24/7 access to your credit score analyses and credit counseling solutions to help you reach your credit goals.

How to Fix Your Credit in 7 Easy Steps

Repairing your credit can help you qualify for a competitive rate while lowering the amount of interest you’ll end up paying over time.

Check Your Credit Score & Report

Fix or Dispute Any Errors

Always Pay Your Bills On Time

Keep Your Credit Utilization Ratio Below 30%

Pay Down Other Debts

Keep Old Credit Cards Open

Credit Repair

How long does credit repair take?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict how long it will take to repair your credit, as every credit report is unique. Credit bureaus are required to respond and resolve credit disputes within 30 days—sometimes 45 days in special circumstances. Though that seems like a short timeline, the average consumer may have multiple errors that need to be disputed, so it could end up taking anywhere from three to six months.

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